Virtual Journey

We’re Going Virtual!

The Event Format

QS Subject Focus Summit – Modern Languages and Linguistics , running from 15 – 17 December, will be three days of engaging digital event experiences.

This interactive format not only allows you to hear from experts discussing “Languages and Migration in a Globalized World” but will present many opportunities for you to ask questions and engage with the speakers.

The event is a great opportunity to network and connect with :

  • Modern Languages and Linguistics School Leaders
  • Management of the school of modern languages and linguistics or related academic departments
  • Relevant stakeholders from government and industry who work with modern languages and linguistics schools to deliver outstanding professionals and relevant, high impact research
  • Persons involved in university planning and rankings
  • Representatives from other academic disciplines, media, academics, and consultants in the technology or higher education management

This summit will run 3 hours per day from 15 – 17 December and will feature insightful keynotes, enlightening panel discussions, and thought-provoking sessions. If you happen to miss any sessions, recordings will be made available on demand for one month after the event.

Networking and Interactive Sessions

Going virtual doesn’t mean that we’ll be any less interactive! At this year, you’ll have extensive opportunities to connect with fellow educators and academic leaders. Opportunities to connect at SFS Modern Languages and Linguistics include:

  • Virtual Meetings: giving medical experts the chance to enjoy “face-to-face” meetings with academics and educational consultants;
  • Panel Discussions and Breakout sessions : you’ll unite with some of the world’s best educational minds to explore solutions to some of the sector’s most pressing challenges, opportunities, and myths;
  • Networking Lounge, which ensure that a catch-up or collaboration-catalysing conversation with fellow delegates is only ever a click away.

The Event Platform

All networking experiences will be facilitated by our virtual conference partner, who will cultivate a space designed to replicate the ambience of a face-to-face event.

Its networking features will include:

  • Lobby and lounge: Their virtual lobby will serve as the central point of engagement for SFS Modern Languages and Linguistics. Participants can receive a first impression of the event, interact with other participants and move into other collaboration and/or content spaces;
  • Auditorium/Theater/Arena: The platform’s auditorium will provide all delegates with instant access to live or on-demand conference content. It will also offer delegates the opportunity to participate in polls, surveys, and other forms of real-time engagement with that content.

However, all registered delegates will be given a brief tutorial on how to make the most of the platform’s features in the weeks leading up to the event…

Pictures/images taken from QS SFS-Medicine.
Disclaimer: Images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Virtual Journey


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