QS Subject Focus Summit – Modern Languages and Linguistics (Virtual)

Languages and Migration in a Globalized World
15-17 December 2020 | 9.00am – 12.00pm (Russia time, GMT+3)

Tracks and Topics

Track 1 – Modern Linguistics: Challenges and Responses

1.1 Interdisciplinarity in modern linguistic studies

1.2 Comparative studies of languages and cultures

1.3 Linguistics and artificial intelligence

Track 2 – Communication, Identity, Minority and Migration

2.1 Intercultural and cross-cultural communication

2.2 Migration and lingua-cultural identity

2.3 Dynamics of languages in minority situations

Track 3 – Language and Culture Teaching and Learning

3.1 Barrier-free education environment (inclusive education, migrants, digital education)

3.2 Language for special purposes

3.3 COVID-19 as a new challenge for education