In partnership with RUDN University, QS Subject Focus Summit – Modern Languages and Linguistics will take place on 15-17 December 2020.

The Summit will focus on “Languages and Migration in a Globalized World” and will explore topics such as Interdisciplinarity in modern linguistic studies; Intercultural and cross-cultural communication; Barrier-free education environment; Comparative studies of languages and cultures; Migration and lingua-cultural identity; Language for special purposes; Linguistics and artificial intelligence; Dynamics of languages in minority situations; and COVID-19 as a new challenge for education.

This event is specifically designed for:

  • Senior managers of modern languages and linguistics departments
  • Academics and consultants in the field of linguistics, modern languages and cultural studies
  • Policy makers working in the education sector

Information about RUDN University:

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Rector of RUDN University, Professor O.A. Yastrebov.
President of RUDN University, Professor V.M. Filippov.