In a Nutshell

Departments of Political Science and International Studies are complex organisations which are expected to deliver excellence in research and education and play an active and constructive role in the changing global geopolitical dynamics.

With the increasing great power rivalry, how are regional relationships and institutions evolving? How can small-states maintain their influence and autonomy in more unstable times? What is the role of middle-powers? How does the shifting balance of power affect policy-making over non-traditional security issues like migration, climate change and people-trafficking? These are some of the pressing questions which the Summit seeks to address. With these challenges in mind, QS and the Victoria University of Wellington are jointly organizing this inaugural QS Subject Focus Summit on Political Science and International Studies.

By bringing together senior leaders from schools of political science and international studies and other important thought leaders from around the world, the Summit not only provides a platform for the sharing of new ideas and best practices about the academic management and leadership of political science and international studies departments. It also offers a unique opportunity for networking and dialogue.

The Summit’s objective is to foster a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the field and to support the articulation of a practical vision to move the field forward. Successful management of the above mentioned challenges is key to a department’s long-term success, including its performance in the QS World University Rankings by Subject.

Finally, held in Wellington, New Zealand, this Summit is the perfect venue to expand and strengthen your personal and institutional network with other departments, public sectors and industry partners from New Zealand, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.