Who Should Attend?

The QS Subject Focus Summit on Hospitality and Tourism should be attended by everyone involved in the management of a hospitality school and/or related academic departments in hospitality, tourism, events management, leisure management, culinary arts etc. The Summit is highly relevant for both ‘insiders’, such as deans, department chairs, academics, professional administrators and postgraduate students; as well as external stakeholders from government and industry, who work with hospitality and tourism schools and depend on them to deliver outstanding service professionals and relevant, high impact research.

Persons from other academic disciplines, the media, academics and consultants in the hospitality and tourism management or higher education management; and those involved in university planning and rankings will also find the Summit a useful microcosm of the management challenges and opportunities present in academic departments in the leisure and services sector. As universities are increasingly expected to not just educate but to also contribute to economic and technological innovation, these issues have broad social and economic relevance.