Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry. It calls for the need for the constant adjustment to customers’ changing needs and desires. Customer’s satisfaction, safety and enjoyment are key focus of the tourism industry. Therefore, with new technologies fostering a transformation in the tourism industry in relation to customer engagement; consequently, the industry has been adopting various telecommunications to advance operational efficiencies and meet customers’ expectations.

With the hospitality landscape being encompassed within the tourism industry, it meant that hospitality education today is at crossroads as well. It is set to face many different challenges all at once. From a societal perspective, there is an expectation that hospitality education will result in employment with significant earnings potential. The motivations and expectations of students pursuing a hospitality education coupled with the need to meet customers’ constant changing expectations have created an imperative to raise productivity in the hospitality sector, without losing “personal touch” that is at the core of hospitality as a service industry.

Disruptors such as AirBnB pose a further challenge to the status quo. Therefore, graduates will need to be prepared for these changes so that they can thrive in this 21st century. If these are issues that concern, then you should attend the upcoming QS Subject Focus Summit on Hospitality and Tourism with the theme “The Way Forward: Hospitality and Tourism Education Convergence with Industry 4.0” in Kuching Sarawak!

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