Dentistry is a field that is undergoing a rapid transformation and which is facing a number of important challenges. Technological advances and evidence-based research have the potential to improve the quality of dental care delivery, but their implementation requires investment and continuing education which are not always available. An ageing population in many societies is placing pressure on medical systems, and dentistry is no exception, while dental schools themselves are faced with retiring senior faculty and a competition for talent. Why join academic dentistry when regular dental practice is also very attractive and rewarding?

All of these challenges deserve our full attention and they are to a large extent global: technological advances and the challenges of ageing societies cross international boundaries, and while national differences exist, there is a great scope for learning from each other, or at the very least, sharing experiences and perspectives.

The QS Subject Focus Summit on Dentistry provides a global forum to address the challenges facing academic dentistry today. For leaders and aspiring leaders in the field, it is a unique opportunity that should not be missed. Register now.