QS and Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University are organizing the upcoming QS Subject Focus Summit – Medicine under the theme “The Future of Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities in the Disruptive Era” from 4-6 August 2020.

The future of health is expected to be driven by digital transformation made possible by radically compatible data and open, secure platforms. Health is likely to place emphasis on sustaining well-being as opposed to countering illnesses. By 2040, consumers are regarded as the focus of a health model rather than institutions that pilot our present health care system.

In addition, compatible, online data will promote greater collaborations among industry stakeholders, and new mix of services will be extended by representatives and new entrants. Interventions and treatments are expected to be more precise, less complicated, less intrusive and less costly. Consumers will be able to gain access to detailed information about their personal health, be in possession of their health data and play an important role in making informed judgments about their health and well-being.

Medical curriculum is also compelled to bring about reformation. Some significant internal challenges include the emphasis on inpatient versus outpatient education, implications of a faculty’s research direction; while external issues include associated disruptive innovations and societal transformations. Addressing some of these identified challenges will demand definitive institutional leadership with the ability to make positive judgements to 2020 and beyond – the period where medical graduates will enter the global digital economy.

Therefore, we encourage all academics and professionals in the medical field to join us at this summit to discuss on the prospects of medicine.


  • Management of a medical school or related academic departments
  • Relevant stakeholders from government and industry who work with medical schools to deliver outstanding professionals and relevant, high impact research
  • Persons involved in university planning and rankings
  • Representatives from other academic disciplines, media, academics and consultants in the technology or higher education management

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You can register for the conference via our QS SFS Medicine website.

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* Please note that the following cancellation charges apply:

Period before Summit within which written notification of cancellation is received Cancellation Charges
31-60 days 50% of registration fee
0-30 days No refund

Our Summit program can be found via our QS SFS Medicine website.

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