This QS summit will bring leading academics and policy-makers to Wellington New Zealand to explore different perspectives on the changing geopolitical and geoeconomic dynamics of the Asia-Pacific region. In the face of increasing great power rivalry and competition in international economics and trade, how are regional relationships and institutions evolving? How can small-states maintain their influence and autonomy in more unstable times? What is the role of middle-powers? How does the shifting balance of power effect policy-making over non-traditional security issues like migration, climate change and people-trafficking?

Wellington is the perfect place to ask these questions. New Zealand has defence and intelligence ties with one superpower (the US) but an increasingly important economic relationship with the other (China). It also has a strong history of leadership in multilateral institution-building and promoting free trade. Wellington is a small, vibrant, capital city where there are strong relationships between government and a high concentration of Asia-Pacific scholars. The summit will bring these local strengths together with world-class experts from across the region and beyond to deliver a highly stimulating, inter-disciplinary two-day summit.