Welcome Message from President

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 2017 QS Subject Focus Summit: Chemical and Energy Engineering, which will be held at Hanyang University, Seoul campus. This three-day forum is a platform for academics and industry professionals in chemical & energy engineering and the wider interconnected fields from around the world to seek viable solutions to the unprecedented challenges we face as a planet.

In the 21st century, engineers play a more vital role in our lives than ever before. The chemical & energy engineering sector has completely transformed our way of life in the past, and will now provide solutions to the wide variety of environmental challenges we are facing. Much progress has been made, but the road ahead to achieve a sustainable future for all may not be easy. Tackling these complex challenges requires us to enhance our innovative capacity by extending the road to international collaborations. Global issues can only be solved through collaborations on a global scale, and unprecedented challenges call for unprecedented levels of innovation.

Focusing on the subject of chemical and energy engineering, our discussions will center on three thematic tracks on examining the grand problems, fostering globally competent professional leaders, and pursuing collaborative research excellence. Other valuable dialogues will include how our field can better collaborate across disciplines, governments, and sectors.

I strongly believe that Hanyang University is the perfect venue for critical discourse on pressing global issues. The hallmark of our Hanyang community is resilience and innovation. Founded in times of severe national oppression, our visionary founder Kim Lyun-joon established a school to equip young adults with technical skills to escape poverty. He also educated them to use their influence to achieve growth and human dignity for their nation. Kim’s leadership in taking such bold initiatives, which may have seemed far-fetched at that time, has paid off.

Hanyang University has not merely survived but excelled through the grim circumstances and is now consistently recognized as one of the top universities in South Korea. Our story testifies that when our endeavors are focused not only on ourselves but the greater good of our communities, positive transformation is possible. As we extend our impact beyond national borders, with your help, we look forward to continuing our journey to seek innovative solutions to improve our environment for present and future generations across the globe.

Please join us in this critical conversation with leading world experts in our field. Discoveries, ideas, and insights from your region are extremely valuable as we strive to meet these grand challenges of global sustainability together.

We look forward to your participation.


Young-moo Lee

President, Hanyang University
Distinguished Professor, Energy Engineering