The QS Subject Focus Summit on Chemical Engineering provides a truly unique opportunity to strategically re-examine the “grand problems” of the discipline. The summit brings together academic, government and industry leaders from around the world for a global dialogue that addresses the most important challenges in chemical engineering research, learning and institutional collaboration.

With intellectual guidance from highly respected presenters, the critical issues of chemical engineering are approached in a cross-boundary, constructive and open manner. Expert presentations set the tone for the subsequent debate during panel discussions. These encourage participants to freely share their experiences, insights and ideas. All this “talk” provides an unparalleled global perspective on chemical engineering, and an outstanding platform for the development of personal and institutional partnerships.

In particular, the Summit will examine Energy, which is a key emerging theme in Chemical Engineering research due to its social, economic, environmental and political importance. Energy is an illustrative example of cutting-edge research with high societal impact which demands not just academic excellence, but equally strong engagement of key stakeholders, both local and global. The alignment of these sometimes opposing forces is critically important for research success, both in terms of maximizing output and mobilising resources. Lessons drawn from a rapidly evolving field like Energy provide inspiration for academic leaders in Chemical Engineering from around the world.

It is the “grand problems” that inspire the “grand solutions” to which we aspire. This process of inspiration is often best started by formulating some simple questions to which there are no simple answers. The questions addressed during this Subject Focus Summit are, essentially, as follows: What is the future of chemical engineering research? What and how should chemical engineers learn? And how does one collaborate most effectively across boundaries? If these are questions that also inspire you, then we warmly invite you to participate in the QS Subject Focus Summit on Chemical Engineering!

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